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Evangelise your Revolution!


Communicating your revolution is often insufficient today - you need to get out amongst your customers and engage with them. One of the best ways to do this is to meet them at events - either that you have organised, or at other organised events.


Careful planning of your presence can provide you with unique opportunities to build your awareness amongst key customer groups, and your understanding of their motivators and fears.


The founder of Rebel Marketing - Thom Poole - has an outspoken view of what marketing is all about - he claims that it is about Exploitation! Marketers need to learn everything they can about their customers, marketplace, competitors, technology, political environment, etc., and then exploit their knowledge of this, to provide customers with the products they want, think they want or that we can persuade them they want! Events allow you to increase this understanding.


With this background philosophy, we will ensure that we work closely with you to plan, execute, track and then evaluate your event performances.