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Gaming as a communications method

Everyone loves to play!


How do you get the attention of your customers in a very short space of time? What can offer you excellent impact that your customers will remember?


Everyone loves to play games, so why not work with us to develop games that will stick in the minds and memory of your customers. This can create immediate impact at tradeshows, exhibitions and roadshows, and can create a real viral buzz for your brand.


Schoolchildren playing the O2 Mobile Safety Game


A recent assignment saw us develop a board game for the mobile phone company - O2, that was used to educate kids about mobile phone safety. The buzz this simple game created spread to the parents and friends, and the innovative handouts proved extremely popular.


We can apply the same methodology to our understanding and expertise in the computer/mobile gaming media, providing you with games that can be played on computers, the Internet and on mobile devices


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