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Useful resources and partners


Jack Business Solutions - our holding company for business brands


Jack Marketing Solutions - the leading digital marketing consultancy


Jack Communications Solutions - the leading marketing communications consultancy


Green Dolphin PR - Public Relations agency specialising in online PR


Marketing Excellence - new product development agency


Product Identity - the leading brand and product identity agency


Nu-Media Marketing - the new media marketing consultancy helping small businesses across Europe


Marketing Audit - the marketing audit consultancy to help you orientate your marketing activities


Privacy Audit - the DPA auditing consultancy to ensure that your direct marketing activities are legal


CRM Audit - the CRM auditing consultancy that helps you align your database marketing activities


DDA Audit - the web accessibility audit that ensures that your website is legal and inclusive


Schalun Organisation - web publishing brand


TP Marketing Group - marketing specialists; partners to many of our brands


TP Business Group - business consultancy and information group that partners our operations


TP Leisure Group - Leisure activities group


TP Computing Group - computing consultancy and information group that partners our operations


Buddy Brands - community sites for leisure and business networks




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