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Alternative Marketing Strategies

Challenge the world!


Marketing has begun to get predictable, and it is getting difficult to make an impact with your customers. With increased 'noise' within your marketplace, you need to look at other methods of reaching your customers and standing out in the market.


It is, however, not just about your marketing alone, you must also align your business to your efforts in front of your customers. Few marketing consultancies look further than the marketing aspects, but careful alignment of your business will improve the success of the strategy.


We look at the way your business operates and how we can make best use of your experience and your resources, creating the most impact for the least cost to your company.


We use the simplistic, but effective Ansoff model to identify which products or services will work for you and your customers, and where new products and services can build your market.


Ansoff's Product Diversification Matrix


We will help you identify how you can best exploit the products you have, the experience you have in the market, and how and where you can develop new products and markets. This, of course is what every marketing consultancy should be able to do. We offer this service with the WOW! factor that will help you stand out in your marketplace. Even for existing products, we can make certain adjustments to build a new or improved image, and capture the imagination and hearts of your customers.


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