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Viral Marketing Revolution

It's not about catching a cold, but it could spread like the flu!


Viral Marketing is the fashionable form of marketing today. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, and offering their services to build viral campaigns.


In most cases, viral activity is an uncontrollable byproduct of an external factor - the use of the right soundtrack, using an inspirational or funny character that encourages customers to share the message.


That's the disclaimer - careful planning, and research into the key drivers of the target market will allow a higher degree of success in viral campaigns than the accidental methods highlighted above. By using our skills in off-beat marketing, underpinned by careful planning, we can achieve a higher success rate for you campaigns.


Whether you are after a viral communications programme using audio/visual triggers that stimulate your audience, a mobile campaign to engage them on the move, a Revolution is what you need - so start talking to the Rebels! .